# What's new

# 1.2.0


  • Added referral system, now you can get 15% of payments from users you refer
  • Changed the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, now we accept payments through Cryptomus
  • Added possibility to pay via Capitalist
  • Added promo codes, now we will regularly give you discounts.


  • Fixed small bugs and errors.

# 1.1.13


  • Changed IP rotation mechanism, now you can only change proxy IP from UI
  • Added custom network request functionality, mainly for checking proxy's Fraud Score
  • Added macOS GPUs with Apple vendor (M1, M2)
  • Added city to proxy check result, it is now displayed after the time zone


  • Fixed browser performance issue on ARM Macs

# 1.1.12


  • Browser core updated to version 116
  • Added custom launch flags to Preferences


  • Fixed Windows not having the audio codecs improvement from version 1.1.11

# 1.1.11


  • Browser core updated to version 115
  • Improved spoofing of audio codecs
  • Improved spoofing of speech synthesis
  • Introduced a separate client and browser versions for macOS M1 (Apple Silicon)
  • Allowed additional profiles (up to 350) to be added in Advanced plan


  • Fixed incorrect detection of Win Server 2012 R2 in the client app
  • Fixed crashes, colors and group-related navigation issues. The app now has smooth scrolling
  • Fixed some SOCKS5 proxies not working in browser when the proxy does not require username:password auth
  • Fixed some occasional browser crashes\freezes on multiple websites
  • Fixed our JRE packaging not including some required modules

# 1.1.10


  • Browser core updated to version 114
  • Added spoofing of WebGL parameters other than Renderer & Vendor
  • Added Auto UserAgent mode so that profiles have Chrome & OS version updated automatically

# 1.1.9


  • Browser core updated to version 112
  • Manually filtered WebGL renderers, leaving only real GPUs
  • Added macOS Ventura fingerprints
  • Improved Profile List scrolling performance


  • Fixed viewport spoofing in Client-Hints
  • Fixed Profile checkboxes, selection and minor UI glitches
  • Fixed WebGL inputs being invisible in From List mode if profile has them set manually
  • Other minor UI fixes

# 1.1.8


  • Browser core updated to version 110


  • Fixed Client-Hints for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1

# 1.1.7


  • Browser core updated to version 109


  • Fixed proxy scan indication for manual proxies
  • Fixed browser crashes on Settings page on Windows
  • Saved addresses are now persisted between profile launches
  • Fixed some crash errors and improved logging of it
  • Improved Time Zone spoofing
  • Introduced separate pool of User Agents for every platform
  • Added necessary infrastructure for upcoming Chrome support sunsetting for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 *

* Chrome 109 is the last version that is supported on these platforms. We will have a separate browser branch for them, but beware that future updates might be delayed, so we highly recommend you to upgrade to Windows 10 / 11.

# 1.1.6


  • You can now edit profile status, proxy and screen in profile list
  • Proxy error badge now shows the error message on mouse hover
  • Added start/stop button to profile page along with profile ID, last launch and creation date
  • Added protection against Kasada bot detection tool when using automation


  • Fixed inability to remove profile status or category
  • Allowed decreasing user count when upgrading to a higher plan
  • Fixed owned groups not being visible
  • Browser sessions are kept when user logs out
  • Improved fingerprint generation, GPU does not blink red when switching OS presets

# 1.1.5

  • Added font presets for Windows 7 & Windows 11
  • Deprecated Auto Offset mode
  • Browser core updated to version 108
  • Separated every browser session into separate log file
  • Fixed errors causing app crashes
  • Improved Speech Synthesis API
  • Fixed scanning proxies containing non ASCII characters

# 1.1.4

  • Added payment option with cryptocurrencies
  • Added splash screen
  • Improved Time Zone spoofing
  • Improved proxy input validation
  • Client app now works on Windows without DirectX 12_1 and 12_0 features

# 1.1.3

  • Added payment option with RU, UA, BY cards and Qiwi wallet
  • Added possibility of adding bookmarks with javascript
  • Reverted changes with zoom level on auth page
  • Browser update does not start until all the profiles were closed, so the browser folder does not get corrupted
  • Fixed the crash on inserting huge texts into input fields (javascript bookmarks related)
  • Fixed text color in dialogs when using dark theme

# 1.1.2

  • Updated Chrome to version 107
  • Enabled Password Manager on Google auth pages
  • Added manual input fields for RAM, CPU cores and WebGL Metadata
  • Added Drag & Drop into Cookie Import dialog
  • Allowed adding additional users to Starter and Advanced plans
  • Fixed WebRTC spoofing

# 1.1.1

  • Introduced 7-day Free Trial with Ultimate plan limits
  • Improved update mechanism. Now you will receive updates while using the app
  • Added possibility to type screen values manually
  • Minor fixes regarding in-app navigation

# 1.1.0

  • Added Russian language
  • Added support of new cookie formats and added auto fixing of bad cookies on import
  • Fixed turning canvas OFF
  • Improved UI scaling on Virtual Machines from macOS host
  • Fixed starting profiles on systems with paths containing non ASCII characters
  • Profile metadata (OS & Screen) is now displayed correctly after profile update
  • Fixed tab navigation

# 1.0.6

  • Added experimental algorithm for spoofing fonts for Operating Systems different from host OS (only Windows and Linux hosts). Pixelscan tests are passed in 50% of cases when spoofing macOS or Linux from Windows host.
  • Added API Docs
  • Windows 7 is now supported
  • Browser core updated to version 106
  • Fixed window size being bigger than screen on virtual machines with small display
  • Minor client fixes regarding responsiveness. Fixed proxy inputs

# 1.0.5

  • Allowed pasting host with port (<host>:<port>) into proxy host field
  • Added search fields for Fonts and WebGL Renderer
  • Added Automatic Offset option for Time Zone. Now you are able to only select needed Time Zone, and offset will be set automatically on launch
  • Fixed bookmarks not being shown in the browser
  • Minor UI fixes regarding input fields. Profiles and groups are now sorted by date of creation