# Import Cookies

Our client supports many kinds of json cookie format, as well as netscape. In addition, we support the #HttpOnly_ prefix in netscape cookies.

To import a cookie:

  • Click the "import" button above the cookie table
  • In the window that appears, paste your cookie or upload a file.
  • Specify whether or not to delete cookies that already exist in your profile.
  • Click the "import" button

To add a single cookie:

  • Click the "add" button above the cookie table
  • Specify a domain
  • Specify a name
  • Specify path
  • Specify a value
  • Specify Secure
  • Specify HttpOnly
  • Specify SameSite
  • Specify Expires(Unix-time)
  • Click the "save" button

# Export Cookies

To export a cookie, above the cookie edit table:

  • Click on the "export" button
  • Specify the format in which you want to export the cookie(json/netscape)
  • If you have chosen Netscape, you will need to choose whether to use the #HttpOnly_ prefix or not.
  • Copy the received cookies or save them to a file by clicking the "export" button